Furniwell (homall,furmax,devoko) Gaming Chair Assembly instructions

Furniwell (homall,furmax,devoko) Gaming Chair Assembly instructions

April 07, 2018

Assembly instructions

Hello Here is the assembly video of the hollallfurniture product.
If you have no clue about assembly, watching the video below will help you.

If you want to watch more assembly/evaluation videos click here.



5 Furniwell Best Gaming Chair in 2018 [Buying Guide]


Firstly, we’d like to point out that the casters were graded for 1,000 miles of use (imagine rolling an office chair down the East Coast and proceed to laugh). We’re here to vouch for the fact that the casters are nearly that good, but the rest of the chair is pretty kick-ass. Reclining and swiveling is the name of the game, and Homall is the player. Versatile and comfortable, they really put their backs into making this 300lb weight limit chair, complete with all the fixings.

You’re going to run into an unpleasant time with assembly (as if anyone has fun assembling furniture, right?), but don’t let that get you down – the hydraulic list is class three, ensuring that you’re not going to lose pressure as the day goes on. Overall, the excellent price and lumbar/headrest support are enough to get your foot in the door with an excellent gaming chair. If you don’t like it, you have a replace and refund policy at your disposal for up to thirty days, and a one-year warranty on parts, installation problems, and damage.

Ergonomic design holds up to 300lbs

Comfortable recline function

Class three hydraulic gas lift

  • BrandHomall
  • Weight42.1 pounds


Killer price tag that you’ll love

Lumbar and head support cushions that are actually comfortable

Headrest comfortably seats 6’7” without making you feel squished


Difficult assembly

Casters look nice but require a jerking motion to move




Of course, we’re talking about the Furmax gaming chair. It has risen in popularity thanks to its incredibly affordable price. It retails for around $65 – unbelievably (USE 10%OFF:SPRING2018 ONLY——$61.19!) , that’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than some of its rivals. But don’t you get what you pay for?

Well, that’s what we’re here to find out!


Unadjustable armrest
There are not many colors to choose from
The first is a slightly lower weight limit (280 lb limit)


Long time game is very comfortable Mesh + pu leather combined to reduce sweat!
Will not leave marks on the hard floor and remain fully functional on the carpet
Furmax's 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any manufacturing problems, you can even enjoy a one-year warranty.







Equipped with an adjustable lumbar cushion and an ergonomic headrest, this is the chair to get when you need to benefit from extra comfort. Besides that, the chair features a premium PU leather material. Because of this, you can be sure of getting a highly durable gaming chair. The chair includes a curved high back that conforms to your shape to guarantee comfort.

On top of that is a 360-degree swivel rotation so that you can roll on it freely without having to stand out of the seat. You can be sure that the casters will not damage the floors since they are smooth to avoid scratching the floors. The chair includes a recline angle adjuster making it suitable when you want to relieve the pressure during long gaming and working hours. You can use the chair with heavy-weight people since it can hold up to 300lbs.


  • An adjustable lumbar cushion and an ergonomic headrest let you find the most comfortable sitting position.
  • A 360-degree swivel rotation allows you to roll freely in any direction.
  • A recline angle adjuster enables you to relieve the pressure during long gaming and working hours.
  • A curved high back that conforms to your shape to guarantee comfort.


  • The chair is easy to assemble.
  • Great price and value.
  • Sturdy and well built.
  • It leans back far, and it is comfortable to use.
  • It is available in great color choices.






The whole upgraded construct has bigger back and seat, more like a racing chair style.
High-density and exquisite stitch(damage-proof), premium PU leather(wear resistant), clipper-built armrest(anti friction ) ensure chair’s life span
Padded high-back(size:16.1’’*33.4’’), seat(size:16.1’’*20.8’’) and lumbar with max-load capacity(300lbs)cater for most of user’s comfort demand
90-180 degree adjustable recliner back, 360 degree swivel and height adjustable() base, which made a perfect resting gesture.
- 30 days free exchange or return the product with any quality problem, 1 year replace defect part without any fee.


  • Upgraded cushions and cushions. Sitting more comfortable for a long time.
  • High standard materials make the chair last longer!
  • Assembly is simpler and more convenient!


  • High price in furniwell...




Designed with the PlayStation colors in mind, Furmax hit the drawing board and made an ultra comfortable gaming chair that we’re happy to say we own. While it’s shortcomings leave a few things to be desired, the lower lumbar support and headrest of this chair, not to mention the leg rest support, are absolutely comfortable and work as you’d need. However, the bottom cushion is a little thinner than the pictures look, and as a result, a three-hour gaming session is going to give you a bit of numbness in the butt or the beginning of dead leg.

You can fit up to 310lbs, and the bucket seating is wide enough to fit multiple body types and styles. Assembly is going to take roughly thirty minutes, but ensures a sturdy end result with excellent swivel and gliding from the wheels. Between the attractive price and support, with Furmax Ergonomic Swivel Gaming Chair  you’re getting a fair amount of support and comfort without being a budget-buster.

  • BrandFurmax
  • Model4335388764
  • Weight51.8 pounds

Comfortable leg support for days

Lower lumbar support and headrest

Good for up to 310lbs


Armrests are cheap and uncomfortable

Bottom cushioning a little thin; three-hour gaming session results in a little leg numbness



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