Furniwell Gaming Recliner Racing Sofa Chair Single Living Room Massage Recliner PU Leather Home Theater Seating

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If you are looking for an attractive recliner to go in your living room, bedroom, gaming room or even your recreational area this is the one for you!


Ask a Question
  • I am reading no massage for this chair? but there are pics showing all the massage functions. is there or isn't there massage functions?

    There is massage function on that chair.

  • Does this chair have wheels at the bottom to roll?


  • Would these be good for a media room?

    I use for a dedicated videogame room and it works well.

  • Is this chair for an adult or child?

    Adult. Bought it for my son. He is 6'2 - 210 lbs. He loves it. Very nice chair for the price. Takes about 15-20 minutes to unpack and put together. Pretty comfortable and will literally recline so you are pretty much laying flat.

  • How many inches from the arm rest to the floor?

    22.5 inches

  • Does it have speakers?

    No, but it’s a nice chair.

  • How do u adjust it?

    The further you lean back the more it becomes a recliner.

  • Does this chair pu leather material smell bad?

    No it does not

  • Does it come delivered assembled?

    NO. It is VERY EASY to assemble though just put the back on some rails and the ends on the bottom and you are done. NOT hard at ALL to assemble! Our 7yr old helped do it! I don't think you will have ANY problems assembling it!

  • is the lumbar support, like the chair in the photo removeable? or if you have the new chair with the lumber support do you find it uncomfertable ?

    The lumbar support is not removable. I find it better if the chair is in the reclining position. In the upright position it feels a little awkward but this may be different for other people.