Furniwell Power Lift Recliner Chair PU Leather for Elderly with Massage and Heating Ergonomic Lounge Chair Single Sofa Pockets Home Theater Seat

Color: Black

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Ask a Question
  • Whats the weight limit?


  • Does it come in brown? I see the reviews all list the color as brown.

     black or brown or gray

  • Does the chair deliver in 1 box or 2?


  • In shipping will it be carried into my house? or kust dropped off in the driveway?

    FedEx will deliver the package to the front door.

  • Who do you use to ship?

    We usually use FedEx for delivery.

  • How do I get logged into the system

    In the top right corner of the page is an option called "My Account", which you can click to register and log in to our system.

  • I’m looking for the red chair you advertised? Which one is it?

    The product you sent has no red option. You can have a look at other styles

  • Can chair come assembled or can delivery personnel assemble chair? I am a senior and don't have anyone to assemble chair.

    The chair is required to be installed by the buyer.
    You just need to insert the back of the chair into the latch of the seat, then connect the wires. And if you want, we could provide the connection videos of power cords.
    If possible, you can find someone to help you.

  • My mom is 97 and has a power chair now that she likes but it dont really recline enough for good sleep...her neck falls forward and causes sore neck....is this chair good for elder sleep....and are controls easy for her to understand?....thank you

    Yes, this recliner chair is specially designed for the elderly. The remote control should be easy to unerstand. 
    The links are the pictures of two controls.

  • What is the seat to floor distance? If the power goes out when you are raised up how do you get down if no battery back up

    About 20"
    The chair is energized by the power cord and does not use batteries. Will only work if there is power.

  • Is there a warranty on this recliner,

    We provide a one-year free warranty.

  • What is the shipping cost?

    Shipping Costs & Sales TAX
    1. Free Standard Shipping on all items.
    2. No sales tax will be charged on any delivery outside the State of Georgia.

  • Where is chair shipped from?

    We have multiple warehouses located in Washington, California, New Jersey, Georgia, and Texas.

  • does united health care pay for a power lift recliner chair ? I need one because I can't hardly get out of my chair. And I have to sleep sitting up at night.

  • Does it have battery back up In case power goes out? Thank you

    This is energized by a wire connection and does not require batteries.

  • Can you tell me what PU Leather is? I am ordering for my husband. We were going to wait until we move but I think I will surprise him early.

    Poly Urethane(PU): PU leather is recycled leather, feels softer than real leather, microfiber leather, belongs to the synthetic leather in a new development of high-grade leather, belongs to the new type of leather.

  • Does it have an electric foot rest where you don’t have to use your legs to push in foot test?

    Yes, it is electrically controlled.

  • Does it arrive fully assembled

    You just need to insert the back of the chair into the latch of the seat, then connect the wires. And if you want, we could provide the connection videos of power cords.

  • How big is the carton it’s delivered in? Need to fit it in my truck.

    Packing box size:32.68*29.93*28.35(IN)
    Weight: 107.1447 (LB)

  • How wide is seat

    Product Dimension: 32"(L) x 31"(W) x 43"(H)
    Seat Dimension: 21"(L) x 21.5"(W) x 19"(H)

  • Is this battery operated or does it need to be plugged in?

    It needs to be plugged in.

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