Furniwell S-RACER Gaming Chair with Headrest & Lumbar Support

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  • So the armrests aren't adjustable?

    No, it can't. but it's in a really comfortable position.

  • Do you have to assemble this?

    Yes but it’s not hard to put together.

  • Any assistance with the assembly available? In regards to assembling the base and shock

    here's a video tutorial on how to assemble it step by step i used it only took me about an hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nLOTIWok8M

  • What is the knob at the bottom for?

    If the chair isn’t locked in place it controlled how easily the chair can lean back

  • How good is the Lumbar support? I wanted to correct my posture which is why I am asking thanks!

    I find it great especially with the pillow. The lower back pillow is easy to adjust so you can move to just the right spot to custom fit your back. Plus the chair allows you to adjust how far you lean back in the chair. Overall I found great, especially considering the price.

  • What positions does this lock in? Will it lock straight up? so it doesnt recline?

    You can set up the ease of the recline by the knob on the bottom of the chair. The tighter the knob the less it reclines.

  • Does it have cushion everywhere,if yes,how much cushion?

    Yea, mostly the bottom. You can sit on this chair all day and barely feel fatigue

  • Can it be sent ups and not fedex?

    either way you still getting it on time i don’t think that will make any difference mine was delivered by FedEx and the driver help me drop it inside my house cuz it was heavyweight..

  • Do I need to have a specific set of tools to be able to assemble this chair or is everything I need to assemble it included?

    Everything is included! Instructions really easy to follow. Easy assembly!

  • Hello, i ordered this chair back in 2018 and the piston to raise and lower the chair seemed to have gone out. Ordered a new piston however i can not figure out how to get the old one out. can you help out? Thank you.

    We are willing to help. Please firstly adjust the height of chair into the highest position. The next step is to add some lubricating oils into the connection and shake the gas lift from left and right. Then try to pull it out. Hope it will be helpful.

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