Furniwell 4 PCS Dining Chairs Pre Assembled Modern Style Kitchen Room Chairs Mid Century Modern DSW Chair Set of 4,for Kitchen, Dining, Bedroom, Living Room

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  • Are these chairs stackable?

    No they are not stackable, but they are durable and stable, easy to clean, and comfortable.

  • Is the finish matt or is there some sheen to it?

    The finish is matte, which is great so that you don't slide out the chair.

  • Can you assemble the chairs without the black wire?

    The product came in two parts, top part, aka the "seat" part; and the bottom part, aka the "leg" part. The leg part came assembled, as in the "wire" part came done with the wooden legs. Now, technically you can take the black wire out, but then the structural integrity of the chair would be rather questionable since the "wire" which by the way are not actual wires, they helped to spread forces (weight) of user to the ground evenly(ish) on all the legs.

  • If the chairs get dirt or stains , will they come off easy with wipes ? Or can I use bleach ?

    Yes you can clean them easily. Haven’t used bleach. Just wipes or a wet cloth.

  • Are the chairs suitable for outdoor usage?

    On my personal experience, you can use it out side. The material of the chair is super easy to clean off so maybe. But you Cannot leave them there always if you want preserve them for the longest time

  • Do you sell the connecter hardware pieces separately? I have a few that are a little bent and would like to replace.

    We do not sell spare parts separately, but during the warranty period, furniwell provides free spare parts.

  • Are these a true orange? Or more of a coral?

    Yes! True clean, pure orange like a piece of fruit

  • Can I buy just one?

    This listing is for a four pack.

  • Is anyone having issues with mold or mildew? That has had it for a while?

    perfect no problems at all. quality is impressive...

  • Does this chair leave dents in a carpet?


  • Is this a set of 4 chairs or 1 single chair?

    4 chairs

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